Paramedical Repigmentation

Paramedical repigmentation includes the areola/nipple portion of a woman’s breast, scar camouflage, and appearance of hair loss.

Areola/nipple can be done post-mastectomy. So many women do not have nipple reconstruction, and would benefit from a 3Dimensional artistry technique, to compensate for having no definite nipples; and other women may prefer larger areolas post-breast augmentation. Areola/nipple colors are custom blended and look very natural.

Scar Camouflage is sought out by men and women who wish to camouflage their face and body scars or even skin tone.

This procedure is especially effective for hiding discomforting face scars, cleft lip, surgical scars, and accidental scars.

Appearance of Hair loss will be significantly improved, whether or not your hair begins to grow back.

People suffering any condition that causes hair loss such as Alopecia and trichotillomania will benefit from this type of makeup. It will simulate hair growing where its missing.

Often times, post-chemotherapy patients suffer hair loss, including loss of hair from their brows and lashes. This technique of cosmetic tattooing will apply permanent makeup into the same area where the natural hair has grown or will grow so that the final result will be naturally enhanced, whether hair growth occurs in the future, or not al all.

Every patient is different and we wish them the best going through chemotherapy treatment. It is important to mention, if you are going to start with your treatment, having your permanent makeup procedures done prior to hair loss will help you feel more comfortable with your appearance throughout the chemotherapy process. I strongly recommend men and women have their eyebrows done because is going to help you feel more secure with your look.