Skin Care

All services are AVEDA concept and they are customized facials based on personalized products, essential oil aromas, facial techniques, and advance skin care treatments.


Express Facial - $45
A 40-minute mini-facial, concentrating on exfoliation or a treatment mask. 

Pure Focus Facial - $70

A 60-minute service that helps you discover your skin’s potential as we focus on specific concerns through cleansing, exfoliating, and application of a customized mask according to your needs. Services are suggested in a series of 4 treatments over the course of 4 weeks based upon skin’s health.

Dual Exfoliation for Rejuvenating the Skin - $85

This 45-minute facial treats skin breakouts with special focus on skin exfoliation and redness reduction, helping to improve and prevent future blemishes, irritation and inflammation. We highly suggested this process to include an advanced skin treatment to support the skin’s healing and conserve skin improvements.

Back treatment - $70

This 50-minute facial for your back is the perfect way to relax and gives your back a deep cleanse to keep it clear of imperfections. It includes an exfoliation, masks therapy according to the skin needs, and a back massage

Facial Enhancements 


Facial Peel
We use an exfoliating 30% glycolic peel, which gives the skin the benefit of radiance. It is for all skin types helping to re-texturize the skin, refine pores, smooth lines and wrinkles, and even skin tone. This is recommended as a series of weekly treatments followed by a monthly maintenance facial that helps to preserve skin improvements. Add to any facial - from $25

Facial Microdermobrasion

This mechanical exfoliation will help your skin to achieve finer looking pores and smoother skin. It’s designed to address wrinkles and fine lines. Microdermabrasion Treatments are recommended in a series of four consecutive weeks, and then schedule once every three to four months. Add to any facial - from $40

Microdermabrasion Add On:

  • Face - from $40
  • Face & Neck from $60
  • Face, Neck & Décolleté - from $90

Paraffin Hand Treatment

This treatment nourishes and softens the skin by immersing hands into melted warm paraffin wax. From $15

Eyelash Extensions

Full set in 120 minutes - service $150
Fill in 75 minutes - service $65  **suggested every two weeks after initial visit

Advanced Skin Care Treatments


This treatment is designed to address hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, fines lines and acne along with a 50-minute facial, customized mask therapy, and facial massage. For best results, Microdermabrasion Treatments are recommended in a series of four consecutive weeks, and then schedule once every three to four months.
  • Face - $60
  • Series of 4 - $240
  • Neck - $15
  • Décolleté - $25


This non-invasive microcurrent technology improves circulation to your face, stimulating fine lines, along with a 50-minute facial, customized mask therapy and facial massage.

  • From $100
  • Series of 3 from $270


A mechanical exfoliation that gently removes dry skin along with fine hair from the skin’s surface leaving the skin with a smoother, brighter appearance.

  • Add to any facial - from $20
  • From $65
  • Series of 3 - $150