PERMANENT EYELINER is a must for women who are allergic to conventional makeup, wear contact lenses, have poor eyesight, shaky hands, or a busy lifestyle.

There are various eyeliner effects for the upper eyelid, such as a blurry-smudgy look, a very defined look, and a dramatic look.

The bottom eyeliner can be a defined line or eyelash enhancement, which is a procedure that mimics thousands of single lashes, while creating a full and youthful lash line.

Type of makeup and color are chosen according to the client’s wishes.

Eyeliner Pre-Care

  1. We encourage our clients to come with a clean face, absolutely no makeup. I will be removing all your eye makeup, eye shadow and mascara prior to the procedure.
  2. I appreciate if you want to wear your eyeliner (but NO mascara) to your appointment to show me how you would like your eyeliner applied permanently. (This is not necessary)
  3. In order to get your eyeliner done with Micropigmentation, your skin needs to be healthy. If you have an eye disease or are under a doctor’s care for an eye problem, you will need to provide written permission from your eye doctor in advance of the eyeliner procedure.
  4. You and I as a team will determine the best eyeliner style for your facial features and lifestyle, based on your consultation and preferences.
  5. You must not have any eyelash extensions on during the eyeliner procedure. DO NOT resume eyelash extension usage until 2 weeks after procedure.
  6. It is recommended to take two Tylenol (pain killers) an hour before your appointment, they will help you to level down the sensitivity of your skin. Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, Advil and Ibuprofen.
  7. Do not drink caffeine, alcohol, power supplements or take fish oil 24 hours prior the procedure.
  8. Avoid the sun and tanning beds for a least two weeks prior to your procedure.

Eyeliner Post-Care

  1. Please click here to view The First Week of Healing instructions
  2. Do not wear contact lenses during your eyeliner procedure. You must also avoid wearing your contact lenses for 4 days post procedure to encourage normal healing process. You and your eye doctor will decide when you may resume contact lens usage.
  3. It is suggested that you have a driver available to drive you home after your eyeliner procedure.
  4. You must avoid using any type of eyelash enhancing serums, such as Latisse, for at least 3-6 months prior to your eyeliner procedure. Do not resume usage for at least 2 weeks after your procedure.
  5. Do not wear makeup for 4 days.
  6. Sun exposure and tanning beds will cause your permanent makeup to fade.
  7. Smoking will cause your permanent makeup to fade prematurely.
  8. Before swimming, protect your new eyeliner with Vaseline. Swimming pools and whirlpools have chlorinated water containing bleach that will fade the color of your new makeup prematurely.
  9. Schedule your follow up or touch up appointment 4 to 8 weeks following your initial procedure. After this period, the fee of the touch up (normally $70) will increase to $150.
  10. Every two years, you should come for a color boost, and you will go through the same process - first you will come for your permanent makeup procedure, then 30 days later for the touch up.